Who We Are

BlurryEdge Strategies is a legal and business strategy consulting practice founded by Lauren Gelman and based in San Francisco, CA.

Why BlurryEdge Strategies? The social web has taught us that our social networks are not nearly as well-defined as we thought they were.  Billions of people are using the Internet’s innovative applications and platforms to connect with others who may share their interests and values — forging new professional relationships, and reconnecting with people from their past.  In making these connections, they’re continuously evaluating and mapping the “blurry-edges” of their social networks.   

Whether you are a start-up, non-profit or university; In the social networking, geo-location, phone application, or virtual world space; Tackling FTC, DMCA, CDA, advertising or privacy compliance; Developing identity tools, viral apps, e-books, or user generated content sites–  You are situated on the blurry edge of this new social ecology and may face novel and complicated legal and policy questions as you determine how to address legal issues and user concerns while maintaining a viable business strategy.   

At BlurryEdge Strategies, we specialize in guiding companies and institutions as they navigate these thorny issues.  From short-term projects targeted at specific business needs, to providing a long- term advisory role as your business needs evolve, we focus our engagements to address your needs efficiently and effectively so you can focus on continuing to help people define the blurry-edges of their social networks.